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Ravi: A Testimonial Platform for Justice

Ravi,is  a groundbreaking testimonial platform that empowers individuals to share their evidence of sexual discrimination, violence against women, or violations of human rights. Ravi serves as a crucial bridge, allowing our analytic team to gather information and data from individuals through the Telegram bot.

Main Objectives of Ravi

Ravi’s primary objective is to collect documents and testimonies of crimes against women. This initiative aims to build a comprehensive databank that illuminates the systematic and institutionalized nature of sexual discrimination from the very foundations of the Islamic regime. The collected data not only helps create statistical information but also plays a vital role in identifying those responsible for these crimes against women.

How Ravi Works

Information Collection

Users can submit their reports and evidence directly to Ravi through the Telegram bot or email them directly to us. This ensures a confidential and secure process for victims and their lawyers.

Supporting Documents

Ravi allows users to upload any supporting documents, audio, or video files to complement their testimonials, providing a more comprehensive view of each incident.

Anonymous Testimonials

While anonymous testimonials may carry less weight in terms of credibility, Ravi recognizes their importance in encouraging victims to come forward. The platform values anonymity as a means to empower individuals who may otherwise hesitate to report incidents.

Empowering Advocacy and Planning

The information collected by Ravi serves as a powerful resource for specialists and advocates. It aids in better planning by highlighting specific subjects or areas that require focused attention. This strategic approach ensures more effective and targeted advocacy for justice and change.

Ensuring Accountability and Transparency

All reports provided to Ravi are handled with the utmost care and sensitivity. The data can be used to generate statistical reports, shedding light on the prevalence of sexual discrimination and violence against women. Ravi strives to be a catalyst for change by fostering accountability and transparency.

Join Ravi in the quest for justice and equality. Your voice matters, and together, we can create a world free from discrimination and violence.